Oxbridge PPE Preparation

Here are some Philosophy texts that you should read if you are planning on applying to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at University.

One or two of the following:

  • Nigel Warburton, Philosophy: the Basics
  • Thomas Nagel, What Does it All Mean
  • Stephen Law, The Philosophy Gym


You should also try to read some primary source material. You don't necessarily need to read a whole text, but it would be a good idea to engage with some excerpts. Some possibilities are given below. You can find extracts from many of these texts in books called 'readers': these are compilations of extracts from primary texts. A list of readers is given at the bottom of the page.

Philosophy readers: compilations of primary text extracts.

  • Nigel Warburton, Philosophy: Basic Readings
  • Robert C. Solomon, Introducing Philosophy: A Text with Integrated Readings